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Print is Not Dead – We Support the Print Movement

We have a question for you. How many images are stored on your phone and your digital camera at this very moment? What would happen to them if your memory card stops working? What if your phone dies, and all of your images were lost forever? We’d like to introduce you to something that’s very important to us – the Print Movement.

Basically, this movement is to encourage everyone to take those digital images and turn them into beautiful photo prints to display on the wall.

HD Printing at Celebration of Fine Art – 2018

Looking for an immersive fine art experience? If you’re in the Phoenix area, stop by the Celebration of Fine Art, running through March 25th. We have several fine art printing clients at the show, and we stopped by for a quick visit.

The Celebration of Fine Art (CoFA) in North Scottsdale is more than just an art show. Throughout the tent, art admirers can wander through the exhibits, watching the artists at work and learning about their processes firsthand.

Custom Wall Graphics at Pangaea – OdySea in the Desert

Ever wanted to wander the set of Jurassic Park? Now you can explore the next best thing at Pangaea, a new dinosaur experience at OdySea in the Desert in Scottsdale, Arizona. Artisan recently installed an entire building’s worth of custom wall graphics from another world for Pangaea, to help immerse visitors in the dino-centric experience.

ArtisanHD is the preferred printer at OdySea in the Desert. Quite a few large format printing projects such as window wraps, exhibit signage, menus, and more are shown in this blog post. Pangaea is our most extensive custom wall graphics project by far! We printed 7,000+ square feet of wallpaper on 3m vinyl.