The focal piece is the image of San Diego beachfront with breaking waves. The FujiFlex paper give amazing depth and aliveness to the image, and the effects of the plexiglas mounting add a watery shine that makes you feel as if you are actually there. It is amazing how well these images can represent your business and convey what you are trying to say.

We also worked with Scott to create an oval shaped image for a unique presentation. The image was printed direct on to Sintra and cut to shape with our digital router. The oval outline shape on the group of cyclists training together gives the image motion, and a truly thinking outside the box presentation. The ability to create and deliver images of different sizes, shapes and materials gives Innerhand Shaping the professional tools to deliver on artistic vision.

Innerhand Shaping does commercial and home art design and installation, using personal, local, stock or Scott’s own abstract digital images. Also check out Innerhand’s abstract fine art web gallery.